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The life with "Nagare"

You can use Super Water-Repellent Furoshiki "NAGARE" variously in daily life.

傘 スーツケース 傘カバー エプロン バッグカバー

スポーツジム 花束 サブバッグ シート スキー

ウィンドブレーカー 包み 海水浴 ボトル 防災

お買いものバッグ ベビーカー

傘 スーツケース 傘カバー エプロン バッグカバー スポーツジム 花束 サブバッグ シート スキー ウィンドブレーカー 包み 海水浴 ボトル 防災 お買いものバッグ ベビーカー

You can make various bags with Furoshiki. The ways of wrapping will be introduced.


■ As an umbrella in case of an unpredictable rainy day


It is inconvenient to carry an umbrella in a bag every day. Folded "NAGARE" in your bag is compact and non-bulky.
Taking out and wearing it quickly, you can keep dry in case of sudden rain.

However, keep in mind that heavy rain such as torrential rain is likely to wet you because of its strong pressure.

■In your suitcase on a travel or a business trip

"NAGARE" is recommended for packing in your suitcase on a travel or a business trip.

Furoshiki is very useful for assortment of clothing. Wrapped in Furoshiki, clothes can be packed in a suitcase without getting wrinkled.

Moreover, although it is general that changed clothes and a used towel while traveling are put into a plastic bag and brought back home, breathable "NAGARE" enables clothes wet with sweat to dry naturally and prevent themselves from getting smelly.


■ As a cover of a folding umbrella


Have you ever lost a storage bag of a folding umbrella?

If you put a folding umbrella in your bag after folding and putting it into a storage bag, it is a little bothersome to take it out from the storage bag and open it in case of raining again, isn't it? Moreover, the treatment of a slightly wet storage bag bothers you.

If you put a wet umbrella wrapped simply with "NAGARE" in your bag, you can take it out quickly at the time of next use.

70-cm size is recommended for storage of a folding umbrella.

■ As an apron for a meal

Maybe everyone has an experience that tomato sauce of spaghetti spattered when they are in white.

If your precious clothing gets dirty at the time of dining out, you are shocked in spite of much-awaited outing.

If you fold "NAGARE" into a moderate bigness and wear it around your neck, it becomes an apron and protects you from sauce, soup, and food's juice. You can feel secure even if in a white sweater.


■ As a cover protecting your precious bag from rain


Even if you put an umbrella up, it is difficult to prevent your bag from getting wet on a rainy day, isn't it?

If your favorite bag and its contents get wet, you will get sad in spite of much-awaited outing. In order to prevent your bag from getting wet on such a rainy day, please wrap it whole with "NAGARE."

If you wrap it with your favorite design, the dressed bag makes you festive.

■ For sport gym visit

Many people go to sport gym for health maintenance. When going to gym, the treatment of spare clothing or a towel is slightly troublesome, isn't it?

Wrapping a wet towel or a swimwear with water-repellent and breathable "NAGARE," you can bring them home without care.


■ Bouquet


A paper handbag with a bouquet you received on the special day was broken by leaking water while carrying it around, do you have such an experience?

If you wrapped a bouquet with "NAGARE," you don't have to worry about leaking. Please choose a design suitable for flowers.

■ As an ecological bag for daily shopping

The movement of shopping bag reduction has started up globally. Please use "NAGARE" instead of a shopping bag for daily shopping to a supermarket or a vegetable store.

It can be used like an ecological bag in the way of wrapping (shoulder bag) introduced in the end part of this page. Even foods wet with dew, such as milk, tofu, and fresh lettuce make no problem.


■ Picnic sheet


How about laying out "NAGARE" and relaxing or napping in the seasons which have beautiful nature such as a cherry tree, fresh green and autumnal leaves or on fine day during the winter season?
You don't have to care about slightly wet ground and plants.

Moreover, if you dust it lightly at the time of leaving, attached soil and grass will fall mostly.
Since the cloth of "NAGARE" has moderate tension, you can fold it quickly, compactly, and firmly in the air.

■ For skiing or snowboard

Many people like winter sports, such as skiing and a snowboard. Since snow becomes water, water-repellent and breathable "NAGARE" is useful for wrapping a ski wear and gloves at the time of leaving a skiing slope.

Moreover, since skiing areas have many Hot Springs, please use it for wrapping spare clothing and a towel at the time of bathing.


■ As something to drape when chilly


When it is chillier than expected or you feel a wind is cold in outing, you can also use "NAGARE."

Tying it around your neck, you can use it as a stole.

Tying it once in front of your breast, you can wear it as a simple cape.

Moreover, binding both sides, making two rings, and putting arms through them, you can wear it as a simple windbreaker.

■ For an important present

Of course, you can use it in the traditional method used for Furoshiki. It protects a precious present from rain.

For wrapping a present, products of Chirimen (crape) material of "NAGARE" are recommended. Since it is elastic cloth, you can wrap edges of a box of a present tidily.


■ For sea bathing


Please use "NAGARE" also for the sea of summer.

Wrap a frozen PET bottle, a wet swimming suit, a bath towel, beach shoes, etc. lightly. It prevents the inside of a car and a bag getting wet.

■ For sake or wine

You can also use Furoshiki when going to a home party or meeting bringing sake or wine.

Even if you don't prepare a wine bag, there are Furoshiki wrapping ways of two wine bottles and a large bottle and so on, so it can be used for a variety of drinks.


■ For disaster prevention

Many natural disasters have occurred in recent years, and opportunity to get conscious of the word "preparation" as an actual thing is increased. It is very important to keep food, drink, and shelter goods on regular basis.

"NAGARE" is useful at the time of disaster. In addition to carrying things, it plays an active part flexibly such as a bite-size rain-cover, a substitute for a blanket at bedtime, a simple tent, and so on.

If you wrap what you need and keep it in an easily taking-out position, you can feel safe in case of emergency.

■ With a market basket

An ordinary ecological bag gets dirty by water leaking from food, but Water-Repellent Furoshiki "NAGARE" can be washed without hesitation even if it gets dirty.

In "NAGARE" products, "Plain Weave 96cm" is recommended for using as an ordinary shopping bag, and "Taffeta 125cm" is recommended for big shopping.

After a market basket is put on a register, Furoshiki is opened in a basket of paid goods, and is only tied as it is.

Since time and effort decrease, it is very convenient.


■Together with a stroller

Small babies are not good at regulating their body temperature.
Of course, measures against the cold wind in winter is critical, also against rain.
If it hits, it will affect their body temperature so much.
“Furoshiki” plays an active role in the cold season, even for babies.

Handbag (Bucket)

Handbag (Bucket)

This is the handbag style of wrapping, used for holding water.

1. Spread out the wrapping cloth.
2. Tie a single knot in each corner.

It is important to align the position of each knot.
3. Tie each of the two neighbouring knots together in a tight knot.

The bag is complete.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

This is the shoulder bag style of wrapping, convenient for carrying a small number of things.

1. Spread out the wrapping cloth.
2. Fold the cloth in half so that a triangle is formed with the patterned side on the inside.

3. Tie a single knot in each corner of the longest side.
4. Turn it inside out, so that the patterned side is showing.
5. Tie the remaining two corners together in a tight knot.

The bag is complete.

“Kiryu style” Bag

“Kiryu style” Bag

The following movie shows how to wrap the “Kiryu style” bag.

(The movie has audio, so please beware of loud volume.)

1. Spread out the wrapping cloth with the patterned side facing downwards.
2. Tie the two closest corners (left and right hand sides) together in a knot.
3. This knot will not be visible when the bag is finished.
4. Take the furthest corner on the left hand side and pull it over top of the knot in front of you.
5. Similarly, take the opposite corner and pull it through the knot to the side.
6. Take both of these corners and pull them out to the sides.
7. (This is important for making it neatly!) Form the shape of the bag and make the lid.
8. The section closest to you becomes the lid.
9. Tying the two corners together above the bag forms the handle.
The bag is complete.